Alpha Silencer III for Porcelain / Crystallized Glass


The Alpha Silencer III for Porcelain / Crystallized Glass is a technologically advanced blade that produces excellent cuts while achieving superior cost performance with reduced noise levels.


Alpha Silencer III for Porcelain / Crystallized Glass

Introducing the Alpha Silencer III, a revolutionary saw blade meticulously engineered for precision and power in cutting porcelain and crystallized glass like never before. Elevate your cutting experience to new heights with this cutting-edge tool that redefines the standards of performance and efficiency.

Crafted with the utmost expertise, the Alpha Silencer III is designed to effortlessly glide through even the toughest porcelain and crystallized glass surfaces, ensuring clean, chip-free cuts every time. Its advanced diamond matrix technology, combined with a specially formulated bond, guarantees unparalleled durability and longevity, making it an indispensable companion for both professional craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts.

The Alpha Silencer III boasts an innovative silent core design, significantly reducing noise levels during operation without compromising on power. Say goodbye to the ear-piercing sounds of traditional saw blades and hello to a quieter, more comfortable working environment. This feature makes it the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor projects, allowing you to focus on your craft without the distraction of excessive noise.

Precision is paramount, and the Alpha Silencer III excels in delivering precise cuts with minimal effort. Its optimized blade geometry ensures smooth, straight cuts and minimizes vibrations, providing ultimate control and reducing the risk of chipping or breakage. This blade is a game-changer for intricate projects, intricate tile installations, and delicate glasswork.

The Alpha Silencer III is compatible with a variety of saws, making it a versatile and essential addition to your toolkit. Whether you’re a professional contractor working on high-end installations or a DIY enthusiast tackling home improvement projects, this saw blade is the key to achieving flawless results with ease.

Invest in the Alpha Silencer III, and experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, durability, and precision. Elevate your craftsmanship and achieve the exceptional results you deserve with a saw blade that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Upgrade to the Alpha Silencer III and let your creativity flourish without limits.

The unique designed core of the Alpha Silencer III for Porcelain / Crystallized Glass is made of two hardened steel sheets with a thin copper sheet laminated between them. This special construction dissipates the usually high noise levels common to this application. Ideal for use in a variety of different sized shops, porcelain fabricators will love the cutting ability of this blade and the amount of time they’ll save. The Alpha Silencer III is equipped with a 60mm arbor which is a common size. Adapters are available to reduce the arbor size. Specially formulated, the Alpha Silencer III will provide excellent cost performance and reduce noise levels while maintaining a high quality cut.

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14", 16", 18"

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) Recommended For For Use On MSRP$
SLW1410P 14″ 2.8mm 4,365 60mm, 50mm Porcelain/Crystallized Glass Bridge Saw 351.95
SLW1610P 16″ 3.3mm 3,820 60mm, 50mm Porcelain/Crystallized Glass Bridge Saw 439.95
SLW1810P 18″ 4.4mm 3,395 60mm, 50mm Porcelain/Crystallized Glass Bridge Saw 523.49