Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade for Glass Tile


The Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade for Glass Tile is designed for high-speed wet cutting of glass. Equipped with a smooth continuous diamond rim and bond hardness best suited for glass materials to provide cuts with minimal chipping.

The Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade for Glass Tile is an excellent choice for plunge cutting, trimming near the edges of glass and for cutting an internal radius. The Alpha Vetro must be used wet and when the 4-3/8” size is used on the AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter it provides a portable dust-free solution to cutting thick glass. Since the quality of the cut is high, providing straight and true cuts with minimal chipping even near the edges of glass, waste is kept to a minimum creating a cutting solution that is quite cost-effective. The Alpha Vetro is the ideal blade for the glass contractor looking for a high-speed, portable, long-lasting cutting solution.


Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade for Glass Tile

Introducing the Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade for Glass Tile – the pinnacle of precision and performance in glass cutting technology. Elevate your craftsmanship to new heights with this cutting-edge diamond blade, meticulously engineered to redefine your glass cutting experience.

Crafted with a fusion of innovation and expertise, the Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade is designed specifically for glass and delicate tile applications. Its advanced diamond matrix not only ensures razor-sharp precision but also guarantees smooth, chip-free cuts, making it the ideal companion for intricate glasswork and detailed tile projects.

Unleash your creative potential as this blade effortlessly glides through glass, leaving behind a flawlessly polished edge that showcases the true beauty of your work. The unique wet cutting feature not only enhances the blade’s lifespan but also minimizes heat generation, preserving the integrity of your delicate materials.

Engineered for both amateurs and seasoned professionals, the Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade is a game-changer in the world of glass and tile cutting. Whether you’re creating stunning mosaic designs, intricate stained glass pieces, or simply renovating your space with precision-cut tiles, this blade is your key to achieving unparalleled results.

Invest in the Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade and experience the epitome of cutting-edge technology tailored to the delicate art of glass and tile work. Elevate your projects, surpass your expectations, and let your creativity shine with every precise cut. Unleash the ultimate potential of your craftsmanship with the Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade – where innovation meets perfection.

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4 3/8", 7", 8", 10"

Alpha Vetro Ultimate Wet Blade for Glass Tile Features

  • Chip-Free Cutting on Most Demanding Applications
  • Tile Installer’s Choice for Glass Tile
  • Excellent Choice for Plunge Cutting and Trimming Near The Edges of Glass
  • Best Wet Cutting Glass Blade on the Market
  • Fine Diamond Matrix is Perfect for Cutting Onyx
  • Wet Use Only
Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) For Use On MSRP$
WG0438 4-3/8″ 1.0mm 13,200 7/8″, 20mm Stone Cutter 31.83
WG0700 7″ 1.6mm 8,400 5/8″ Tile Saw 67.55
WG0800 8″ 1.6mm 7,400 5/8″ Tile Saw 80.28
WG1000 10″ 1.6mm 5,900 5/8″ Tile Saw 93.27