Bandit Grinding Cup Wheels


Bandit Grinding Cup Wheels – Aggressive Diamond Grinding Wheel used to remove a lot of material quickly and easily.

Coarse Flat Green Super Premium Cup Wheel has been proven time and time again to have long life and uncompromising performance which is why it is favored by professionals. Used for fast shaping, smoothing rough surfaces or preparing the surface for lamination. Features a standard female 5/8″-11 thread.

  • No wobble.
  • Grinds to the core.
  • Coarse, Medium, Fine grits available.

The Bandit Grinding Cup Wheels are designed for shaping and stock removal on granite, marble, concrete and other natural stone.

Turbo design is ideal for fast and smooth grinding


Bandit Grinding Cup Wheels

Introducing the Bandit Grinding Cup Wheels – the epitome of efficiency and power in the realm of material removal. Unleash the force of precision-engineered diamond grit with our Aggressive Diamond Grinding Wheel, meticulously designed to rapidly eradicate substantial amounts of material, ensuring a seamless and expedited grinding experience like never before.

Crafted for professionals who demand excellence, these cup wheels are a game-changer in the world of aggressive grinding. Whether you’re tackling concrete, stone, or masonry surfaces, the Bandit Grinding Cup Wheels are the trusty companion you need to effortlessly and swiftly remove material with unparalleled speed and precision.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our cup wheels boast an aggressive diamond matrix that bites into the toughest surfaces, delivering relentless performance while maintaining exceptional durability. The strategic placement of diamond segments ensures optimal contact with the material, providing an unbeatable combination of speed and efficiency.

Say goodbye to time-consuming grinding processes and hello to a new era of productivity. The Bandit Grinding Cup Wheels are the go-to solution for projects that demand not only speed but also impeccable results. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, experience the satisfaction of achieving superior material removal with ease.

Revolutionize your grinding tasks with the Bandit Grinding Cup Wheels – where aggressive meets precision, and efficiency meets excellence. Unleash the power of diamonds, and make short work of your toughest grinding challenges. Elevate your grinding game with Bandit – because when it comes to material removal, there’s no room for compromise.

Use dry or wet


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4" Coarse, 4" Medium, 4" Fine, 5" Coarse Turbo, 6" Flat Turbo