Concrete Crack Chaser Blades


The Concrete Crack Chaser blades designed for routing and repair cracks in concrete, asphalt and other building materials. Widens joint and creates decorative scoring in masonry. Fits angle grinder and crack chaser saws.


Concrete Crack Chaser Blades

Introducing our cutting-edge Concrete Crack Chaser blades, meticulously engineered to redefine precision and efficiency in the realm of routing and repairing cracks in concrete, asphalt, and various building materials. Crafted with the utmost dedication to quality and innovation, these blades stand as a testament to our commitment to empowering professionals with the finest tools for their trade.

Designed to meet the exacting demands of concrete and asphalt repair, our Crack Chaser blades effortlessly navigate through the toughest surfaces, unveiling a new standard in accuracy and performance. The uniquely engineered diamond segments boast exceptional hardness, ensuring longevity and consistent cutting prowess even in the most challenging environments.

Equipped with a strategic diamond pattern, our blades expertly guide the routing process, creating clean and precise channels for seamless crack repair. Whether you are a seasoned contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these blades are your reliable companions in achieving flawless results with every project.

The versatility of our Concrete Crack Chaser blades extends beyond concrete and asphalt, making them indispensable for a wide array of building materials. From masonry to stone, these blades exhibit unparalleled adaptability, proving their worth across diverse construction applications.

Our commitment to safety and user experience is evident in the thoughtful design of these blades. Reduced vibration and noise levels ensure a comfortable and controlled operation, minimizing fatigue during prolonged use. The reinforced core adds an extra layer of stability, enhancing the overall durability and safety of the blades.

In the world of construction, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Our Concrete Crack Chaser blades embody a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship, setting a new benchmark for excellence in crack routing and repair. Elevate your projects with the assurance that comes from using tools designed to exceed expectations – choose our Concrete Crack Chaser blades and experience the pinnacle of performance in every cut.


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4", 5", 7"

Concrete Crack Chaser Features

  • Designed for routing and repair random cracks in cured concrete, asphalt and other building materials
  • Also used for decorative scoring and joint widen in masonry
  • Angle grinder/crack chaser saw dry or wet