Dixon China Markers 12ct


Dixon China Markers 12ct

  • China markers are capable of drawing on almost any porous or nonporous surfaces
  • Featuring a bold tip, which helps to make beautiful bold strokes
  • Comes in a pack of dozen markers
  • Ideal for marking on glass, plastic, film, paper, metal, and rubber
  • Marks wipe away clean from porous surfaces
  • These markers are paper wrapped with a tear string making them easy to peel, needs no sharpening


Dixon China Markers 12ct

Unleash your creativity with the Dixon China Markers 12ct – the ultimate tool for versatile and vibrant expression on virtually any surface! Elevate your artistic endeavors with these exceptional markers that effortlessly bridge the gap between porous and nonporous materials, making them a must-have for artists, craftsmen, and enthusiasts alike.

Crafted with precision and innovation, Dixon China Markers boast an ingenious design that allows you to draw and sketch with unparalleled ease on a wide array of surfaces. Whether you’re working on paper, glass, plastic, metal, or ceramics, these markers deliver bold and consistent lines that captivate attention and bring your ideas to life in vivid detail.

The set of 12 colors offers a spectrum of possibilities, empowering you to create intricate designs, bold statements, or subtle accents. The Dixon China Markers’ wax-based formula ensures smooth and effortless application, allowing you to explore your artistic vision without limitations.

Perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike, these markers are not only versatile but also reliable. Their ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, facilitating extended periods of creativity without fatigue. The easy-to-peel paper wrapping reveals more of the marker as you use it, ensuring a continuous flow of inspiration.

Whether you’re an illustrator, architect, DIY enthusiast, or anyone in between, Dixon China Markers 12ct is your passport to a world of boundless creativity. Elevate your artistic pursuits and unlock the full spectrum of your imagination with these remarkable markers that defy boundaries and redefine what’s possible in the realm of artistic expression.

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Blue, Black, Crimson Red, Green, Red, White, Yellow