Hot Stuff Pro Kit


The Hot Stuff Pro Kit Instant Glue is perfect when you don’t need a lot of glue but you do need the ability to make different types of bonds (handymen, installers, home users). The kit comes with one 1oz bottle of Hot Stuff, Super T, and Special T as well as a 6oz NCF Quick aerosol accelerator, a 2oz bottle of debonder, and two extra spouts and overcaps. With this kit, you are prepared for nearly any bond.


Hot Stuff Pro Kit Instant Glue

Introducing the Hot Stuff Pro Kit Instant Glue – the ultimate solution for all your bonding needs! Unleash the power of precision and speed with this advanced adhesive that sets a new standard in the world of instant glues.

Crafted for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, the Hot Stuff Pro Kit offers a groundbreaking formula that ensures rapid and durable bonds on a variety of materials. Whether you’re working with wood, metal, plastic, or rubber, this glue is designed to deliver exceptional strength and reliability.

What sets Hot Stuff Pro Kit apart is its lightning-fast curing time, allowing you to complete projects in record time without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to lengthy waiting periods – this glue bonds in seconds, making it a game-changer for those who demand efficiency and precision in their work.

The precision applicator ensures controlled dispensing, so you can apply the glue exactly where you need it without any mess or waste. Its versatility extends to various applications, from intricate crafts and model building to household repairs and professional projects. Experience the ease of use and the confidence that comes with knowing your bonds are secure and long-lasting.

Hot Stuff Pro Kit Instant Glue is not just a glue; it’s a reliability tool in a bottle. Elevate your crafting and repair game with the industry-leading instant glue that doesn’t compromise on performance. Unleash the power of Hot Stuff Pro Kit and witness a new era of efficiency in bonding. Your projects deserve nothing but the best – trust the professionals’ choice.

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