Komelon Gripper Stainless Steel Measuring Tapes


The Komelon Gripper Stainless Steel Measuring Tapes feature stainless steel metal components, a nylon coated blade, enlarged end hook, rivets, and spring. This is the tape of choice for those working with concrete, cutting granite and tile with a wet saw, plumbers, or anyone working with chemicals or in wet conditions. This tape measure can be washed with water with out rusting. This is truly the long lasting tape measure!


Komelon Gripper Stainless Steel Measuring Tapes

Introducing the Komelon Gripper Stainless Steel Measuring Tape – the epitome of precision and durability in the world of measurement tools. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this measuring tape is designed to elevate your measuring experience to new heights.

Engineered with a rugged and corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade, the Komelon Gripper ensures longevity and accuracy in every measurement. The robust construction of the tape not only withstands the test of time but also provides a smooth and reliable extension, making it an indispensable companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The standout feature of the Komelon Gripper Stainless Steel Measuring Tapes lies in its innovative and ergonomic grip. The gripper not only enhances control and comfort during use but also ensures a secure hold, preventing slips and drops. This unique design sets it apart, offering a level of user-friendly functionality that is unrivaled in the market.

Accuracy is the hallmark of the Komelon Gripper, with its clear and easy-to-read measurements in both imperial and metric units. Whether you’re tackling home improvement projects, carpentry tasks, or any other measuring endeavor, this tape measure guarantees precision and efficiency every time.

Say goodbye to the frustration of tangled and kinked tapes. The Komelon Gripper Stainless Steel Measuring Tapes feature a reliable and smooth rewind mechanism that effortlessly retracts the tape, keeping it neatly coiled and ready for the next measurement. No more wasted time dealing with tangled messes – just reliable performance on demand.

Invest in the Komelon Gripper Stainless Steel Measuring Tape, and elevate your measuring game to a whole new level. Precision, durability, and ergonomic design come together seamlessly in this exceptional tool, making it a must-have for anyone serious about accurate measurements in any setting. Upgrade your toolkit with the Komelon Gripper and experience the difference quality makes.

Komelon Gripper Stainless Steel Measuring Tapes are inspected throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee accuracy and workmanship. Komelon uses high grade carbon steel that ensures consistent and uniform blade thickness and hardness. The cold rolling process and heat treatment techniques provide durability that resists kinking and bending while using. Komelon steel tapes and springs are de-burred to prevent blade edges from early corrosion and cracking. The new Komelon nylon coating reduces wear and abrasion, featuring a special embossed finish for enhanced protection and reduced glare. The rust-resistant nylon coating covers the entire blade surface ensuring long-lasting readability and durability.

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