Microfiber Floor Pads


Achieve Spotless Floors with StonePro’s Microfiber Floor Pads

Introducing StonePro’s Microfiber Floor Pads, the ultimate solution for maintaining the pristine cleanliness of your floors. Whether you’re a homeowner committed to a polished environment, a professional cleaner aiming for perfection, or a business owner focused on an impeccable space, these microfiber floor pads are your go-to choice for efficient and effective floor care.


Microfiber Floor Pads

18″ wet, dry, and dust Microfiber Floor Pads

It’s time to revolutionize your floor cleaning routine and experience the magic of microfiber. StonePro’s Microfiber Floor Pads ensure that your floors gleam with a streak-free, spotless shine that’s second to none.

Invest in quality, invest in efficiency, and invest in StonePro’s Microfiber Floor Pads. Order yours today and discover the difference for yourself. Clean with confidence and enjoy immaculate floors with StonePro – where every surface shines with perfection.

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Amazing products, service and knowledge. If you are a homeowner, restoration professional or somewhere in between the 2. Stone Pro Products will get the results you require. I have been using them for years for my restoration business and I have never had an issue getting the results my customers demand when using Stone Pro Products” ~ Prestige Grout

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Wet, Dry, Dust

Key Features of StonePro’s Microfiber Floor Pads:

Advanced Microfiber Technology: StonePro’s Microfiber Floor Pads are crafted with high-quality microfiber, designed to attract and trap dirt, dust, and debris like a magnet. This advanced technology ensures a spotless finish without the need for harsh chemicals.

Versatile Applications: These floor pads are suitable for a wide range of flooring surfaces, including hardwood, tile, laminate, and more. Whether you’re cleaning your home, office, or a commercial space, these pads deliver exceptional results every time.

Efficient Cleaning: The 17-inch size of the pads provides ample coverage, allowing you to clean more surface area in less time. The microfiber technology ensures that your floors are not only clean but also streak-free and spotless.

Durable and Reusable: StonePro’s Microfiber Floor Pads are built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring they remain reliable for multiple cleaning sessions. Their durability makes them a cost-effective addition to your cleaning toolkit.

Easy Attachment: These floor pads are designed for quick and easy attachment to your cleaning equipment. Whether you’re using a mop or floor buffer, the microfiber pads are simple to install.

Professional-Quality Results: StonePro is a trusted name in the cleaning industry, known for producing high-quality products that deliver professional-level results. With these microfiber floor pads, you can achieve the level of cleanliness you desire.