MK Diamond 10″ 215GL Glass Blade


MK Diamond 10″ 215GL Glass Blade – Metal bond glass blades provide smooth chip free cutting and are ideal for production type applications.

The MK Diamond 10″ 215GL Glass Blade is a fine cut sintered diamond blade that gives a virtually chip free cut on most glass pieces. It is a fine grit diamond so it will cut slower than most blades and will need to be dressed more often for efficient cutting results.

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MK-215GL Premium Grade Metal Bond Blade for Glass

Introducing the MK Diamond 10″ 215GL Glass Blade – where precision meets perfection in glass cutting. Crafted with utmost expertise and engineered for excellence, this blade redefines the art of glasswork.

Designed specifically for the discerning craftsman and professional alike, the 215GL Glass Blade by MK Diamond boasts a 10-inch diameter, making it the ideal companion for those seeking unparalleled accuracy in their glass-cutting projects. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan creating intricate stained glass designs or a construction professional working on cutting-edge architectural installations, this blade is your gateway to pristine, flawless results.

The secret behind the 215GL’s cutting-edge performance lies in its advanced diamond technology. Each tooth on this blade is meticulously embedded with industrial-grade diamonds, ensuring unrivaled sharpness and durability. This not only enhances the longevity of the blade but also guarantees clean, chip-free cuts on glass surfaces of varying thicknesses. Say goodbye to the frustrations of jagged edges and uneven finishes – the MK Diamond 215GL delivers smooth, polished results with every slice.

What sets this glass blade apart is its versatility. Whether you’re working with delicate art glass, durable laminated glass, or even high-end architectural glass, the 215GL rises to the occasion, proving its adaptability across a spectrum of glass materials. Its precision-balanced steel core minimizes vibrations, reducing the risk of chipping and ensuring a stable, controlled cutting experience.

Engineered with the needs of professionals in mind, the MK Diamond 215GL Glass Blade is designed for ease of use. Compatible with a variety of saws, this blade effortlessly integrates into your existing toolkit, enhancing your efficiency and productivity. Its user-friendly design makes blade changes a breeze, allowing you to focus on your craft without unnecessary interruptions.

When precision matters and results speak volumes, trust the MK Diamond 10″ 215GL Glass Blade to elevate your glass-cutting endeavors. Unleash the potential of your projects with the reliability, durability, and precision that only MK Diamond can deliver. Elevate your craftsmanship – choose the 215GL for a cut above the rest.

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