Newgrind RX7 Hand Grinder & Polisher


This impressive three headed hand grinder attachment is ideal for floors, countertops, stairs, ledges and walls.

The Newgrind RX7 Hand Grinder & Polisher is uniquely shaped for those hard to reach spaces, so versatile it can be used on concrete, stone, terrazzo and even hardwood.

Weighing only seven pounds the RX7 is lightweight and agile and uses any standard 4” Velcro backed tool.

Perfect for those hard to reach tight corners, the adjustable dust skirt allows you to get right up to the wall for detailed edging.

Just like its big brothers we have a complete grinding & polishing system designed specifically to work with the RX7 for incomparable results. Now your edges can have the same look as the field!


Newgrind RX7 Hand Grinder & Polisher

Introducing the Newgrind RX7 Hand Grinder & Polisher – the ultimate solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike seeking unparalleled precision and efficiency in surface preparation and polishing. This robust and versatile tool is meticulously designed to redefine your grinding and polishing experience.

Newgrind RX7 Hand Grinder & Polisher Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance: The RX7 is equipped with a high-torque, variable-speed motor that delivers exceptional power for efficient grinding and polishing on a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re tackling concrete, stone, or terrazzo, this hand grinder ensures a smooth and consistent finish every time.
  • Innovative Design: Engineered with user comfort in mind, the RX7 boasts a sleek and ergonomic design, featuring a comfortable grip handle that reduces fatigue during extended use. The strategically placed controls allow for intuitive operation, ensuring precision and ease of use for professionals and beginners alike.
  • Versatile Applications: From heavy-duty grinding to delicate polishing, the RX7 offers a wide range of applications. Its adjustable speed settings and quick-change system for various tooling options make it adaptable to different tasks, providing the versatility needed for diverse projects.
  • Dust Control System: Say goodbye to the mess and health hazards associated with grinding and polishing. The RX7 comes equipped with an efficient dust control system, minimizing airborne particles and providing a cleaner working environment. This feature is not only beneficial for your health but also ensures a more efficient workflow.
  • Durability and Reliability: Crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the RX7 is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. Count on its durability and reliability to meet the demands of your toughest projects, making it a long-lasting investment in your toolkit.
  • User-Friendly Maintenance: The RX7 is designed with easy maintenance in mind. Tool-free disassembly and a thoughtful construction make it a breeze to clean and service, ensuring that your tool is always in top condition for optimal performance.

Take your surface preparation and polishing to the next level with the Newgrind RX7 Hand Grinder & Polisher. Unleash the power of precision, versatility, and durability in the palm of your hand, and achieve professional-quality results with every use. Elevate your craftsmanship with the tool trusted by professionals worldwide.

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Newgrind RX7 Hand Grinder & Polisher Features

  • The smallest Rhino in the family, with an 8” track it is perfect for edging, counter-tops, walls and hard to access areas.
  • With it’s unique shape it can fit into the tightest of corners. It’s 3 heads make flat grinding easy
  • Only 7 pounds, its light enough to work on walls with ease
  • Heavy-duty drive train and robust construction makes this little Rhino virtually indestructible
  • The RX7 uses any standard 4” Velcro backed tools, works with what most contractors already have. No need for special tooling!
  • Outfitted with a standard 1 ½” vacuum port, this hand grinder will attach to any vacuum