Prosoco Grind-N-Fill Liquid Crack and Gap Filler


Prosoco Grind-N-Fill Liquid Crack and Gap Filler mixes with the dust created while grinding concrete floors to create a super-durable material that automatically fills pinholes, pop-outs, and micro-cracks in the concrete surface. A surface treated with Grind-N-Fill polishes faster and easier, and accepts hardener/densifiers, protective treatments, and color more evenly.

1 Gallon


Prosoco Grind-N-Fill Liquid Crack and Gap Filler

Introducing Prosoco Grind-N-Fill Liquid Crack and Gap Filler – your ultimate solution for flawlessly restoring and rejuvenating concrete surfaces. Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology with this advanced liquid crack and gap filler, meticulously crafted by Prosoco to exceed industry standards.

Engineered to perfection, Grind-N-Fill seamlessly bridges gaps and cracks in concrete, transforming worn-out surfaces into showcases of durability and aesthetic appeal. This innovative formula boasts an ultra-low viscosity, ensuring deep penetration into even the tiniest imperfections, effectively bonding and fortifying the structure from within.

Say goodbye to unsightly cracks and hello to a flawless finish with Prosoco Grind-N-Fill. Its unique self-leveling properties make application a breeze, effortlessly adapting to the contours of your concrete surface for a smooth, even result. Whether you’re tackling minor hairline cracks or larger gaps, this liquid filler rises to the occasion, delivering a professional-grade solution that stands the test of time.

Not only does Grind-N-Fill excel in performance, but it also showcases Prosoco’s commitment to environmental responsibility. This eco-friendly formula minimizes waste and environmental impact, aligning seamlessly with sustainable practices.

Elevate your concrete restoration game with Prosoco Grind-N-Fill – the go-to choice for contractors, builders, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Experience the transformation as your surfaces are revitalized, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal that leaves a lasting impression. Unleash the potential of your concrete spaces with the unparalleled quality of Prosoco Grind-N-Fill Liquid Crack and Gap Filler.

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  • Easy application with pump-up sprayer.
  • Complies with all known AIM VOC regulations.
  • Dilutable with clean water to meet a variety of job site and equipment conditions


  • Shelf Life: 2 years in tightly sealed, unopened container
  • VOC Content: 100 g/L
  • Form: milky liquid, mild odor
  • PH: 8.9
  • Coverage Rate: 200-400 sq ft/gal. See Product Data Sheet for specific coverage rates.
  • Freeze Point: 32° F (0° C)
  • Flash Point: >212° F (>100° C)
  • Total Solids: Non-applicable
  • WT/GAL: 8.40 lbs