SealBoss 6500 Quick Fix Joint Filler


SealBoss 6500 Quick Fix Joint Filler

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SealBoss 6500 Quick Fix Joint Filler

The SealBoss 6500 Joint Filler Line is based on polyurea technology which offers outstanding advantages and properties in terms of application speed, fast and low temperature cure, durability, application ease and overall economic considerations.

SealBoss 6500 Joint Filler Applications and Advantages
– To fill cracks, damaged control joints, construction joints on horizontal   concrete
– For industrial floor applications which receive heavy vehicle traffic, such as   fork lifts or   steel    wheeled carts
– Highly flexible, allowing slab movement, yet strong enough to protect the   vertical edges   of  concrete from spalling under heavy loading
– Interior and exterior use, discoloration in prolonged UV exposure in lighter   colors
– 100% Solids and VOC Free
– Remains Flexible, Even in Cold Temperatures
– Return Project to Service in 60 Minutes
– Pre-conditioned Product Cures From -28°C / 20°F to 54°C / 130°F
– Reduced Moisture Sensitivity
– Essentially Odorless
– Resistant to Petrochemicals

Typical Application Environments – Industrial Facilities
– Warehouse Floors
– Manufacturing Facilities
– Pulp and Paper Mills
– Bottling and Canning Facilities
– Airports
– Water and Waste Water Treatment
– Cold Storage Facilities
– Food Processing Facilities
– Freezers

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