Smartklean L Lithium Fortified Daily Cleaner Concentrate


The Smartklean L Lithium Fortified Daily Cleaner Concentrate is specially designed to maintain concrete floors that have been treated with lithium-silicate densifying/hardening products. Concentrated formula is designed for use with automatic floor scrubbers.

The specialized blend of degreasers and detergents removes most common soiling found on concrete floors.

5 Gallon


Smartklean L Lithium Fortified Daily Cleaner Concentrate

Introducing SmartKlean L Lithium Fortified Daily Cleaner Concentrate – the epitome of cutting-edge cleaning technology designed to elevate your daily cleaning routine to new heights. This powerhouse solution is not just a cleaner; it’s a revolution in cleanliness, meticulously formulated to redefine your expectations.

SmartKlean L is more than just a surface-level cleaner; it’s a concentrated blend of advanced lithium-infused ingredients that penetrate and dissolve grime, grease, and dirt with unparalleled efficiency. Harnessing the power of lithium, this cleaner goes beyond conventional solutions, ensuring a superior clean that’s both thorough and long-lasting.

Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple cleaning products for different surfaces – SmartKlean L is your all-in-one solution. From countertops to glass, stainless steel to ceramic tiles, this versatile concentrate effortlessly tackles every cleaning challenge in its path. Its concentrated formula means a little goes a long way, providing you with a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice for maintaining a pristine living space.

Experience the refreshing aroma that accompanies SmartKlean L, leaving your home not only spotless but also invigoratingly fragrant. The carefully curated scent enhances the overall ambiance of your living spaces, transforming each cleaning session into a sensory delight.

SmartKlean L isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about simplifying and enhancing your lifestyle. With its easy-to-use concentrated formula, you can customize the strength of your cleaning solution to suit the task at hand. Whether it’s a quick daily wipe-down or a deep cleaning session, SmartKlean L empowers you to take control of your cleaning regimen.

Elevate your cleaning experience with SmartKlean L Lithium Fortified Daily Cleaner Concentrate – where cutting-edge technology meets unrivaled performance, redefining the standard for a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable living environment.

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