SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads


SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads

Can be used as the final steps in a polishing process to give an even higher level of shine that was not achieved by normal polishing with high grit resin diamonds.

Smartkrete Elite Pads can be integrated into normal floor cleaning / maintenance systems to keep a nice shine on polished concrete and terrazzo floors.

• For use with a high-speed burnisher

• Use with a light mist of water

• Available in 20″ and 27″ diameters

SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads

Available sizes 20″ & 27″

Grits 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Buff


SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads

Introducing SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads – the epitome of durability, innovation, and sophistication in the world of concrete solutions. Engineered with precision and crafted for excellence, these concrete pads redefine the standards of strength and intelligence in construction.

Key Features:

Smart Integration: SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads are embedded with cutting-edge technology that enhances their performance and adaptability. With sensors and connectivity options, these pads can seamlessly integrate with smart building systems for real-time monitoring and data-driven insights.

Unmatched Durability: Crafted from a proprietary blend of high-quality materials, SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads are engineered to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. From extreme temperatures to heavy loads, these pads stand the test of time, ensuring longevity and resilience.

Innovative Design: The sleek and modern design of SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads adds a touch of sophistication to any project. Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, these pads not only deliver exceptional performance but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Environmentally Friendly: SmartKrete is committed to sustainability, and the Elite Concrete Pads reflect that commitment. Manufactured with eco-friendly processes and materials, these pads minimize the environmental impact while maximizing performance, making them a responsible choice for green construction projects.

Versatility: SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads are designed to cater to a wide range of applications. Whether you need a reliable foundation for outdoor structures, a durable surface for heavy machinery, or a high-performance flooring solution for your smart home – these pads are versatile enough to meet your diverse needs.

Easy Installation: Save time and resources with the hassle-free installation of SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads. Their user-friendly design ensures a straightforward setup, reducing construction time and costs.

Upgrade your construction projects with SmartKrete Elite Concrete Pads – where strength meets intelligence. Invest in the future of concrete solutions and experience the unparalleled combination of durability, innovation, and style.

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20", 27"


400, 800, 1500, 3000, Buff