StonePro Black Floor Stripping Maintenance Pads


StonePro Black Floor Stripping Maintenance Pads – Use with floor machines up to 350 RPM. Designed for heavy duty wet stripping. Aggressively removes floor finish and dirt. Cleans down to original surface.

Each stripping pad is durable, long lasting, and designed with open construction to allow finish and stripping solutions to flow through and to resist clogging.


StonePro Black Floor Stripping Maintenance Pads

Introducing StonePro Black Floor Stripping Maintenance Pads – the epitome of excellence in floor care and maintenance. Elevate your cleaning routine to unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness with these cutting-edge pads designed to redefine the way you approach floor stripping.

Crafted with precision and innovation, StonePro Black Floor Stripping Maintenance Pads are specially engineered for heavy-duty floor maintenance tasks. Whether you’re tackling stubborn wax build-up, years of grime, or persistent stains, these pads are your trusted companions in achieving immaculate results. The secret lies in the advanced composition of the pads, combining abrasive materials with superior durability to deliver exceptional performance on various flooring surfaces.

The distinctive black color of these pads signifies their prowess in handling the toughest challenges your floors may face. Unleash the power of StonePro Black Pads to reveal the natural beauty of your floors by effortlessly stripping away layers of accumulated dirt and coatings. Say goodbye to laborious cleaning processes and welcome a streamlined, efficient solution that saves you time and energy.

Designed for compatibility with a wide range of floor machines, StonePro Black Pads ensure versatility in their application. Whether you manage a commercial space, industrial facility, or residential property, these pads adapt to the unique demands of your environment, guaranteeing consistently outstanding results.

Invest in the future of floor care with StonePro Black Floor Stripping Maintenance Pads – where quality meets performance. Elevate the aesthetics of your space, enhance safety, and extend the lifespan of your floors with a product that stands as a testament to uncompromising excellence. Trust StonePro to deliver the tools you need for a pristine, polished, and professionally maintained floor every time.

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7", 17", 20"

StonePro Black Floor Stripping Maintenance Pads Features:

  • Thicker pad with open web structure for longer life and less loading
  • Manufacturing process efficiencies for increased tensile strength and uniform grain distribution
  • Breadth of line for broadest application coverage