Zenesis Continuous Rim Tile Blades


The Zenesis Continuous Rim Tile Blade unique slot and rim design give unparalleled and effortless cutting precision and performance. Since the blade incorporates pattern technology, fabricators can count on exceptionally smooth and chip-free cutting of porcelain tile, granite and other hard materials.


Zenesis Continuous Rim Tile Blades

Introducing Zenesis Continuous Rim Tile Blades – the pinnacle of precision and performance in the world of tile cutting. Crafted with utmost expertise and cutting-edge technology, these blades redefine the standards of excellence in the industry.

Immerse yourself in a seamless cutting experience as the continuous rim design effortlessly glides through tiles with unparalleled finesse. Zenesis has meticulously engineered these blades to ensure a smooth, chip-free finish on every cut, leaving you with immaculate results that showcase the true beauty of your tiles.

Precision is at the core of Zenesis Continuous Rim Tile Blades. The cutting-edge technology incorporated into every blade guarantees accuracy and consistency, allowing you to achieve intricate designs and flawless edges effortlessly. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, these blades empower you to unleash your creativity and bring your tile projects to life with unmatched precision.

Durability meets innovation with Zenesis. The blades are constructed using high-quality materials that not only enhance their longevity but also contribute to an overall smoother cutting experience. Say goodbye to blade replacements and hello to a tool that stands the test of time, maintaining its exceptional performance cut after cut.

Versatility is key, and Zenesis understands the diverse needs of its users. These blades are designed to tackle a wide range of tile materials, from ceramic and porcelain to natural stone. Whether you’re working on a bathroom renovation, a kitchen backsplash, or a large-scale flooring project, Zenesis Continuous Rim Tile Blades are your reliable companion, delivering outstanding results every time.

Elevate your tile-cutting experience with Zenesis Continuous Rim Tile Blades – where precision, durability, and versatility converge to redefine the boundaries of excellence. Unleash the full potential of your projects and experience the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology with Zenesis.

  • Smooth cutting of porcelain, granite and other hard materials
  • Use 4″, 4.5″, 5″ and wet or dry.
  • All other sizes must be used wet.

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4", 4.5", 5", 10"